Since 2008 HUAN members have been working daily on promoting good practice in debt collection industry. The activities of agencies and their employees have been completely compliant with the ethical principles and regulations of FENCA, the international association of debt collection agencies from 23 EU member states.

You had a call from an agency

If somebody calls you after the specified working hours, and especially if they introduce themselves as one of the Association members, please report it to or call 01 599 99 00

Cooperation with the Defaulted Clients Association (Blokirani)

The Croatian Association of Debt Collection Agencies (HUAN) and the Defaulted Clients Association have in their Cooperation Agreement agreed upon debt repayment and receivables management and they are both committed to a debt collection approach that allows repayment model with debt restructuring that may include write-offs of default interest, costs and, exceptionally, principal.

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