About the Association

The Croatian Association of Debt Collection Agencies (HUAN) was founded in 2008 and it consists of eight members in total.

The Croatian Association of Debt Collection Agencies was founded in 2008 as a non-profit association and has actively been participating in public debates by raising the awareness on the importance of positive regulation and ethics in the debt collection industry. In 2011 it became a member of international association FENCA that helps with aligning national and EU practice in the field of debt collection and it brings together all local associations of EU members. In their daily operations HUAN members comply with ethical code aligned with FENCA-e international practice that clearly prescribes codes of conduct and ethical principles on the basis of which agency employees work. This is something we cannot guarantee for debt collection companies that are not members of our association. That is exactly why we advocate an additional regulation of agencies’ operations in line with EU regulations and the new NPL Directive, although the current operations of debt collection agencies have, of course, already been regulated by a number of acts and bylaws.


Matija Arapović

President of the Association

Matija Arapović is the manager of Prima Solvent debt collection agency and the president of the Croatian Association of Debt Collection Agencies.

Barbara Cerinski

Vice-president of the Association

Barbara Cerinski is a manager in EOS Matrix agency, and has joined HUAN as the vice-president of the Association.